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Howdy Trail Heads! This is to remind all that this Saturday, the 19th is our fourth semi-annual Bicycle Swap Meet! Rain or shine. Bring it on! YES! Bike stuff, cheap! I'm getting the feeling this Swap is going to go OFF! Tons of people are planning on coming out, and even if they don't, Trail Head Cyclery has collected enough stuff for an entire Swap. My motto is, if it's been in the shop over a year, get it out! So we will be closing out everything from Intense 5.5 frames at $1599 to old derailleur taken off repairs for a couple bucks, and everything in between. Buyers get free entry. 8am start Sellers get a huge space for $20, drive in, set up, sell all your stuff, drive out. Easy. 7am set up. Tons of food and great coffee walk'n distance from the corner, where we will set up. We're talk'n Peet's coffee, Le Bolanger, Sunny's Donuts, Jamba Juice, Alicia's Mexican breakfast burritos, (yup, remember those, hella good), Togo's, even a BevMo! for more savory beverages as the day heats up! We also have on site Well's Fargo, Bank of the West and B of A, right in the center, so cash is easy for the swap'n. Hope to see you out there, check here for more details! http://www.trailheadcyclery.com/welcome.html SWAP-O-RAMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lars Thomsen Trail Head Cyclery 14450 Union Ave San Jose, CA 95124 408-369-9666 phone 408-369-9630 fax http://www.trailheadcyclery.com

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This is the newsletter for Trail Head Cyclery in San Jose, California. It contains news of events relevant to the local cycling community.

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