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Spring is here, YES! Thank you all for your support this "Winter"...

Now, we have some great events to share with you all, plus some important advocacy news about Sierra Azul. Yup, that is our back yard, so pay attention here riders, our access to some of the best areas in our neighborhood are up for grabs, and I wouldn't want to be left out of that decision process! But first off, DEMO DAYS ARE BACK!!!

This Sunday, April 10th!!

Dirt Demo with Yeti Cycles of Colorado

What: Ride Yeti bikes for free (ASR-SL's and 575's, ASX's, DJ's and hopefully a 303!!)
Where: Santa Teresa County Park (near the Pueblo)
When: 9am to 3pm, Sunday April 10th
How much: FREE (small parking donation if you drive in)

Sea Otter Classic!
April 14th through Sunday the 17th.
Come out and see this amazing celebration of the bicycle! www.seaotterclassic.com for more

Rocky MountainRocky Mountain Bike's Parking lot party
What: Rocky's Team trailer full of bikes to test ride plus a few of Rocky's notorius riders
Where: In front of Trail Head Cyclery
When: Tuesday, April 19th from Noon to 5pm
How Much: Free
Come enjoy a little BBQ and test some bikes

SpecializedDirt Demo with Specialized
What: Ride Specialized bikes for free (Enduro's, Stumpjumpers, Epics, Big Hits & Demo bikes!)
Where: Santa Teresa County Park (near the Pueblo)
When: Saturday, May 7th (Lars' Birthday, 33!!!)
How much: FREE (small parking donation if you drive in)

Our next Swap Meet...the "spooky swap meet"
When: October 30th, yea way out, but mark those calendars and start a box of old in the way bike parts!

Sierra Azule/Bear Creek Open Space Preserve

This is our back yard. Kennedy trail, Overgrown/Limekiln, Priest Rock, Saint Joseph's, Woods, and others are part of this open space governed by the Mid-Peninsula Open Space District. They have also acquired new properties, and need help from us what should be done with the land.

Most important is the Bear Creek area. This is huge, right across Hwy 17 is a giant parcel of land going all the way up to Summit Rd. Huge potential for more single track and shady trails through Redwood forests, right over the Bear Creek over pass. We really want to be able to ride our bikes here. If we do not make ourselves heard, we will NOT be able to ride here.

Did you know there was a trail network between Hicks Rd and Kennedy trail called Rancho de Guadalupe? Few have, but more should know about this area and how trails used to be connecting from Woods into the cool Rancho area. Or, how about another trail dropping from Bald Mountain to Hicks Rd? What about just having more trails on Mt. Umunhum in general?

Finally, a well known downhill called Rattlesnake is up for grabs and tons of land between it and Mt. Umunhum. The Rattlesnake trail is a jeep road dropping about 1600 vertical feet over two miles from Mt. Bachi to Hyland Way right near the Demonstration Forest Parking. (yea, the chain link fence on the left just before you get to the parking area) We could really use a downhill only trail, plus a link from here to Mt. Umunhum so Valley to the Sea rides could be done without trespassing or riding sketchy paved roads. Wouldn't that be grand? Huge epic rides right out of Los Gatos or Almaden! Amazing.

Please take a moment to visit

Mid Pen's site for more info on this new project. You will be astonished at how much land is available for our mountain bikes! 17,000 acres, friends...

DEFINITELY fill out the survey about these areas and what you would like to see. I would suggest that all trails be multi-use and that there should be more of them to spread out the users. Remember, more trails means more variety and fewer conflicts with less trail erosion.

Thank you friends of Trail Head Cyclery, I hope to see you out on the trails!

Ride hard, take chances,,,

Lars Thomsen and the crew at Trail Head

Trail Head Cyclery, 14450 Union Ave., San Jose, CA 95124
Tel: 408-369-9666
Fax: 408-369-9630

Shop hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-7pm, Saturday 9-6pm & Sunday 12-5pm

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This is the newsletter for Trail Head Cyclery in San Jose, California. It contains news of events relevant to the local cycling community.

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