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Thanks to everyone for your RSVP's. I have gotten 40 positive responses so far, and am expecting more later this week. I am looking forward to meeting all of you, and sharing the day in the forest with new and old friends.

Some of you have already resonded to me with a food preference, but if not, keep in mind we will be serving both a BBQ Tri Tip steak and a Veggie Lasagna. Please send me a reply stating which you and your guests would prefer so we will have the right amount of food for everyone.

Also, please bring cash or checks to pay for your meal tickets, or memberships and other donations, and any merchandise we will have for sale at the picnic. Unfortunately, we will not be able to take credit card payments. More information can be found here

Looking forward to Sunday. See you out there.

Charles Jalgunas
Stewards of Soquel Forest

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This is a distribution list for the attendees of the Stewards of Soquel Forest 2005 Membership Appreciation Party.

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