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Your Trails Need You - Trail Work This Saturday

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The days are pretty short and getting shorter, the wettest weather is just around the corner, and before I know it I won't even be able to get out for the newspaper without Gore Tex, wool socks, and a space blanket. Right now I just want to ride, run, and hike all I can, while I can, before our harsh California Winter takes over, but just as important as my fitness needs are the needs of the trails themselves. In order to make sure they are in the best shape they can be in for Spring events, I am donating a day to give back from where I have been taking.

This Saturday we have our choice of trail work projects with Paul Nam in Henry Coe State Park, The Sierra Buttes Stewardship in Downieville, and the Stewards of Soquel Forest in the Soquel Demonstration State Forest. I'll be joining the efforts in the Demo because that is where I have spending most of my trail time this Summer.

Scott Robinson from Own the Trail will be leading the day on Tractor Trail, clearing sand and leaves out of the waterbars and drains as we work on up the hill. Our meeting time is 9:00 in the parking lot on Highland where we will share some coffee and partially hydrogenated saturated fats, and get checked out on tools. We will be carpooling down Hihn's Mill Road to the bottom of Tractor where we will begin our upward progression. The work day is expected to last until 1:00, or maybe 2:00 depending on worker enthusiasm, including time to clean the tools, which I get particularly enthusiastic about. If you can't rationalize missing day of riding, you will still have a few hours to do a loop or two after the work is done.

Click on over to Trailworkers.com and sign up now for this Saturday, or another day if this one isn't good for you. Scott needs to know how many tools to bring, and I need to make sure we don't have leftover pastries at day's end.

Stewards of Soquel Forest

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