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Demo Trailwork this Saturday 3-10-07!

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On the last dark day of the year, we toil to bring forth the coming of afternoon sun. As we sit on the cusp of after work rides, and daytime drives home, I ask a tithe. A small pittance to welcome in the season of joyous riding that is upon us. This Saturday, a group of us will work so that the trails survive the long wet darkness of winter; ensuring that an inviting ribbon of loam will be ready to us in the dappled light of spring.

Sunday morning we sacrifice an hour of our lives to roll the clock forward. Moving the after work ride from memory to reality once again. But before that, on Saturday we walk, ride, or dance to the top of Sawpit. There we will mend and sculpt, carve and build. Once more with our simple tools and stained gloves, we battle entropy itself. Freeing a season of joyous riding for any who choose to partake. Come and join us in this most basic of battles: Joy and light against chaos and erosion.

All interested sign up at Trailworkers.com. We will meet in the parking lot at 9am. From there, some will bike in, others will drive to the base of Sawpit. Bring a snack, and working clothes. Our goal is to complete the battle on Sawpit this weekend, allowing us to concentrate on Corral with the last 3 workdays of the year. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Fight the good fight!



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