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Corral Trailwork on Sunday the 25th!

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Hello everyone!

We've had a great season in the Demo Forest so far. We have meticulously maintained the existing trails, trying to leave each one better than it was last year. Some we added new features, others we've rerouted to minimize erosion. We've eaten all our vegetables, now it's time for dessert. In this case dessert is Corral, in all its technical glory.

We want to maintain the Technical Trail Features already in the forest, and add a brand new section of trail with new features. Jumps, Log rides, skinnies? Maybe, depends how many people show up, and how much new trail we have time to build.

Don't get me wrong, it won't be all jumps and logs, we need to build the trail to link these new features together. It's in the Soquel Demo Forest, so that trail has to be well built, easy to maintain, and generally kick ass. You wouldn't expect anything less in the Demo.

Sign up at Trailworkers.com. Meet in the parking lot across the steel bridge at 8:30 am on Sunday March 25th. We work until 3 pm give or take (if you need to leave early we can work if out). Bring clothes you can work in, water, gloves, and a snack you can eat on the trail. First timers are welcome, we have a good group of experience trail builders to show you the ropes. Email me if you have any questions. This is going to be fun!

Scott Robinson

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