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Saturday 1/12, 9am: Trailwork in Soquel Forest

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Howdy all trailworkers!

We have our first project of 2008 planned for Saturday in Soquel Forest. Our main goal is to begin cleaning up from the wind damage and clearing drains that are plugged with silt. As usual, we will provide planning, goodies including coffee and breakfast snacks, tools, and crew leaders. But we need YOU to help us get a great start on keeping our trails in great shape! Please come and help if you can! Please register at http://www.trailworkers.com to let us know you are coming. Thanks!

About the meeting location and Highland way:

We will be meeting a 9am at the MAIN PARKING LOT over the steel bridge. Because of the slide closure condition on Highland way, please give yourself enough time to safely reach the parking lot. The county has officially closed the road at the slide, however locals have been removing the barriers. We do not recommend driving across the slide if you find it open. We have heard reports about people parking on the side of Highland and riding their bikes through the slide area. If you cross the slide, you do so at your own risk. We recommend driving up Eureka Canyon Road from Corralitos to access the main parking lot.

What to bring: Yourself, long pants, boots, long sleeves, a camera, a sack lunch, water and a pack to carry it in, and work gloves if you have them. We will have some gloves available. You might also check the weather report to see if you need a rain coat or another layer for warmth. Also consider a change of clothes and shoes for your return trip home, and a bag to put your dirty boots in.

Again, please register at http://www.trailworkers.com to let us know how many tools to bring, and how much coffee and snacks to bring. See you on the trail!

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