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On the last trail work day two weeks ago we worked from the top of
ridge trail down to the corral intersection with chainsaws and a little
past corral with the trailwork tools. We used the chainsaws to clear
fallen trees from the trail, sometimes making new technical features
with the wood, and we used them to trim branches that were hanging into the trail so that trail users don't have to worry about getting smacked in the face by branches and so that in the next storm fewer branches will fall into the trail. the work we did has already received
compliments and I can't wait to get out there and do some more great

Next trailwork day is Jan 27th where we will continue down ridge
trail. If we get enough people to show up we will work from the corral
intersection all the way down to the heli pad at sulpher and maybe
towards braille.

Please signup at www.trailworkers.com if you can make it. It's especially important that we get an accurate headcount ahead of time because we may try to arrange a worker shuttle from a new staging area to the worksite. In past workdays we just had everyone meet in the parking lot but with the road block we are trying to figure out new ways to get trailworkers to the work sites to save them driving time. If we don't figure out another way to get trailworks to the work site please plan on using the Eureka canyon route to get to the demo parking lot. it will add about 30 extra min of driving time from the San Jose side of the hill.

-Shane Reed

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This email was sent to Charles Jalgunas' list of volunteer trailworkers in the Santa Cruz Mountains

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