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Hey all you dirty people!

National Trails Day is the one day every year where communities across America celebrate their trails! This year we are planning a (work)PARTY at Waterdog Park in Belmont on Saturday, June 7th. Won't you please join us???

Our goal is to provide some care and trimming of the amazing singletrack trails in this multi-use park. The plan is to leave the digging tools out of the equation and just work on brushing out the trails, which despite our dry spring are getting rapidly overgrown! We'd like to make sure people can see around the turns, can ride or walk without getting scratched on the bushes, and can find places to pass safely and cordially.

One of our kind neighborhood volunteers sprayed the poison oak earlier this spring, so most of our work will be PO free! The work will be easy, fun and rewarding, and appropriate for well-behaved and well-supervised kids.

We will work on trimming back sagebrush, coyote brush, scotch broom, blackberries, etc, then gathering up the trimmings and pushing them over the edge and tucking them under the bushes to compost. Depending on the size of the turnout we may ask volunteers to bring tools from the garden shed to supplement our supplies of rakes, loppers, hedge trimmers and shears.


Date: Saturday June 7th, 2008
Start time: 9:30am
End time: 12:30pm
Volunteers needed: at least 20
Hospitality: Coffee and bagels in the morning, free BBQ and beers (hopped and rooty styles) afterwards
Swag: two $50 gift certificates to Passion Trail Bikes will be raffled off to volunteers during the BBQ
Ride or Hike: After the BBQ volunteers will be able to enjoy a fun ride or hike on the trails in Waterdog Park.
More info: email or call Patty Ciesla at Passion Trail Bikes 650-620-9798 patty@passiontrailbikes.com
Sign up to volunteer: http://trailworkers.com/waterdog_park.cfm

Hope to see you there!


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