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Autumn Passion Trail Bikes Newsletter #3

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Autumn Passion Trail Bikes Newsletter #3
Autumn Passion Trail Bikes Newsletter #3

Autumn Passion Trail Bikes Newsletter #3

This week's Topics:

1. A few bikes still available for free test rides this week
2. Wednesday Wride: Personal bests, do-overs, and things within our control
3. USFS memo defines mountain biking as similar to hiking
4. Good news for cyclists: Governor vetoes AB 2923, signs AB 1358
5. Aptos Post Office Jump Jam Saturday, Oct 11
6. Biketoberfest in Fairfax Oct 18th
7. 16th Annual Tour of the S.F. Hills Sunday Nov 2

1. A few bikes still available for free test rides this week

We still have a few test bikes hanging around after Sunday's Demo Day. If you didn't have a chance to ride the bike you wanted, look at the list below to see if it's there. Some bikes will need to be shipped back to the manufacturer real soon, so give us a call at 650-620-9798 and see if we can fit you in on a test ride before they are gone.

Specialized Enduro Expert Large
Specialized Enduro Expert Medium
Specialized SW Safire Medium
Specialized SW Stumpy Large
Santa Cruz Blur XC Small
Santa Cruz Chameleon SS Large
Santa Cruz Blur LT Large
Niner R.I.P. 9 Large
Niner R.I.P. 9 Medium
Maverick Durance Large
Maverick Durance Medium
Maverick ML-8 Large
Maverick ML-8 Medium
IBIS Mojo Xtra Large
IBIS Mojo Large
IBIS Mojo Medium
IBIS Mojo Small
Giant Reign 1 Large
Giant Reign X Large
Giant Trance X1 Xtra Large

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2. Wednesday Wride: Personal bests, do-overs, and things within our control

Sunset is at 6:40pm this Wednesday 10/01/08. Twilight ends and darkness falls about 7:15pm.

This week, let's focus on the positive and let our worries go for an evening. Rides this week will include a repeat of the summertime hill climb time trial, plus do-overs, do-wells, high fives and way to goes! Name your own challenge and give it a try. Come back and boast, make excuses, or talk smack (or all three!) The main goal is to have fun, and take our minds off the news. Let's for one evening stay focused on those little things within our control!

Speaking of control, remember last week's Hustle hustle!? We're still hustling! So arrive with your shorts on and your camelback already full of water. Let's make a really good effort to actually launch the rides at the alloted time. Stragglers will straggle and make up their own ride (there may be several of you this week). No waiting around!

P. L. E. A. S. E. . . . P. U. T. . . . L. I. G. H. T. S. . . . O. N ! ! ! !

Please remember to put a light on your handlebar and have a blinky ready for the ride back to the shop! CA vehicle code requires it. Don't get caught out on the streets in the dark! Also, a reminder that we need to be super conscientious about stopping at stop signs and lights, yielding to pedestrians, and operating our bikes predictably and responsibly while on the roads. While we are not the only cyclists out there we are certainly the biggest group and the easiest place to lodge complaints. Let's be safe and kind out there.

For all the details about what makes each group unique, please refer to this webpage. If your questions aren't answered there, you can also email us for info at info@passiontrailbikes.com.

There will be the usual variety of rides on the twisty narrow singletrack that makes Waterdog famous. All rides start pedaling from the shop: Passion Trail Bikes, 415 Old County Road, Belmont, CA 94002 650-620-9798

The FRISKY ride will go out at 5:10 PM. This includes the guy with the watch for the time trial.
The RIDICULOUS ride will go out at 5:15 PM.
The REGULAR ride will go out at 5:15 PM.
The FBG or Fat Bottomed Girl ride will go out at 5:20 PM.
The WHITE SOCKS ride will go out at 5:20 PM.
The STRAGGLERS ride goes out at 5:30 PM.

All groups will meet back here at Passion Trail Bikes right around dark for the usual story telling & beverage enjoyment. We will have stuff for the BBQ along with some carbo laden side dish, chips and fatty snacks and EANABS to pair up with the Devil's Canyon Brewery's Full Boar Scotch Ale, Silicon Blonde Ale, and Backpack Babe Root Beer. We will hang out until about 10pm, so come on down, even if you can't make the ride! Passion Parties are better with YOU in the mix!

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3. USFS memo defines mountain biking as similar to hiking

IMBA members already got this great news in their inbox, but we thought we'd pass it on if you're not yet a supporter of this great advocacy organization.

Forest Service Issues Important Guidance on Mountain Bike Management

Contact: Drew Vankat, Policy Analyst

Addressing hundreds at the IMBA World Summit, Jim Bedwell, Forest Service director for recreation, heritage and volunteers, made a major announcement that will benefit mountain bikers nationwide. Bedwell presented a new agency memo clearly defining mountain biking as similar to hiking and equestrian use, and an activity to be managed separately from motorized travel.

The document, written by Deputy Chief Joel Holtrop, is a significant step in the evolution of mountain bike management on Forest Service lands, and has been distributed to agency staff at the regional and local levels.

At the core of the letter are important clarifications on the nature of mountain biking and how this activity is addressed in management plans. Holtrop writes, "I want to emphasize that mountain biking is a non-motorized use of National Forest System trails, along with hiking and horseback riding. In our planning and policy documents, a distinction between mountain biking and motorized uses...should be made."

As Bedwell explained, "The Forest Service uses letters to communicate quickly to field units about important issues they may face, and to promote consistent understanding about how to approach them. In some cases, such as this one, the letter precedes desired policy revision, which requires a longer and more involved process to complete."

Bedwell's announcement comes at a time when some national forests have applied similar restrictions to bicycles and motor vehicles. IMBA believes most Forest Service staff understand bicycling is a quiet, non-motorized, low-impact activity, and hopes the letter provides the guidance necessary for consistent treatment of mountain biking on every national forest.

"Deputy Chief Holtrop's letter also acknowledges the important and productive partnership between IMBA and the U.S. Forest Service," says Bedwell. In 2006, the two entities renewed their Memorandum of Understanding for the third consecutive time and mountain bikers are prolific stewards in many national forests. The volunteer National Mountain Bike Patrol works to inform, assist, and educate mountain bikers and other trail users on Forest Service lands across the country.

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4. Good news for cyclists: Governor vetoes AB 2923, signs AB 1358

Thanks to everyone who wrote to the Governor asking him to veto AB 2923! It is nice, for a change, to not have new Wilderness designations automatically get the rubber stamp. Here is the text of the Governor's message explaining his reasons for vetoing Assembly Bill 2923, the state Wilderness-expansion evaluation bill:

BILL NUMBER: AB 2923 VETOED DATE: 09/27/2008
To the Members of the California State Assembly: I am returning Assembly Bill 2923 without my signature.
This bill reiterates existing law, which already requires the Secretary of the Resources Agency (Secretary) and State Lands Commission (SLC) to review certain state-owned lands for suitability or non-suitability as wilderness areas and to report to the Governor and the Legislature.

Additionally, this bill statutorily prioritizes specific state-owned lands for review as wilderness. These specific designations appear arbitrary and could result in the redirection of scarce resources from within the agency and its departments. I prefer to let the Secretary manage the reviews his agency and departments are required to conduct under existing law.

For these reasons, I cannot support this measure. Sincerely, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Governor Schwarzenegger also took a very important step in securing bicycling and walking space in our communities by signing AB 1358, "The California Complete Streets Act of 2008."

This bill has been the #1 legislative priority of the California Bicycle Coalition, and has been strongly supported by Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. It goes a long way to codifying the policy that all streets be designed to accommodate all users (INCLUDING BICYCLISTS). Here is the text of this nice little bill:

" It is the intent of the Legislature to require in the development of the circulation element of a local government's general plan that the circulation of users of streets, roads, and highways be accommodated in a manner suitable for the respective setting in rural, suburban, and urban contexts, and that users of streets, roads, and highways include bicyclists, children, persons with disabilities, motorists, movers of commercial goods, pedestrians, public transportation, and seniors. "

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5. Aptos Post Office Jump Jam Saturday, Oct 11

Got this cool flyer about this fun event on the other side of the hill!

Saturday, October 11, 9am to 4pm
Aptos Post Office Jump Park, 500 Cathedral, Aptos, CA
website: http://www.jumpjam.net

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6. Biketoberfest in Fairfax Oct 18th

Volunteers and attendees sought for Biketoberfest! Saturday Oct 18th, 2008 Fairfax

Access4Bikes and Marin County Bicycle Coalition present Biketoberfest, Saturday, October 18, 2008, at FairAnselm Plaza lots, Center Blvd, Fairfax, from 11am-6:00pm. Join in on an Octoberfest and bike festival rolled into one: Biketoberfest! Over a dozen micro-breweries, local organic gourmet food purveyors, live music, group rides, entertainment, kid's activities and the Expo Marketplace filled with great gear, buys and info. from northern CA bike frame builders, manufacturer's, bike stores, bike teams and advocacy organizations! www.biketoberfest2008.org

Volunteers needed and loved! In order to keep this a free festival, it is exclusively volunteer driven. Shifts of 2 hrs. (Coffee, beverages & snacks provided), 4 hrs. (Plus lunch & beer chit) or...? (Plus some swag!) Thanks everyone!!!!!

Volunteer needs: Set-up and break-down/ hefty truck and driver for table &chair pick-up and drop off locally and Santa Rosa/ Volunteer Coordinator(s)/Volunteer Check-in/Vendor Check-in/Ticket Sales/Food and Beer assistants/BBQ Chef & assistant/Music assistant/Kidís Activities Coordinators/Kidís Rides Coordinators//Poster-flyer distribution/Sign design and production/Raffle Prize seller(s) and more!

Vendors: Great rates and lots of exposure-see contact below:

General Info. and volunteers:
Heidi Adler hcadler@comcast.net 415-686-1526
Tom Boss tomboss@mac.com 415-272-2756

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7. 16th Annual Tour of the S.F. Hills Sunday Nov 2

16th Annual Tour of the S.F. Hills
Sunday, November 2nd, 9am
Meet at the parking lot across the street from the Marina Safeway at 9 A.M.

The ride explores a multitude of neighborhoods in the city, taking the most difficult path from cafe to taqueria. With the many hilltops in the city, and with the usual good luck with weather conditions, the riders are treated to frequent magnificent views.

The parade of cyclists winding down Lombard St. and then climbing the 32% grade on Filbert St. always attracts the attention of tourists. Other sites explored on the ride are Potrero Hill (with the fast descent down the "other" crookedest street in the world), Coit Tower, Nob Hill, and Mt. Davidson. A bonus feature is the optional ascent of the Broderick St. sidewalk in Pacific Heights. This street, below the Levi mansion, is so steep that it is blocked off to traffic - the upper half being a driveway more crooked than Lombard St.

A casual pace on the ride ensures that the attrition rate is low, but the prospect of climbing Hill St. after scarfing burritos in the Mission always sheds a few riders.

For more information contact Gary Gellin: gary AT cmihvac DOT com

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To contact us, email us at info@passiontrailbikes.com, or call the shop at 650-620-9798.

Happy Trails, the PTB crew
Charles, Patty, Berry, John, Bret, Sterling, Daryl, Daniel, Peter, Reba and Buster

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