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Winter Passion Trail Bikes News # 1

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Winter Passion Trail Bikes News # 1
Winter Passion Trail Bikes News # 1

Winter Passion Trail Bikes News # 1

This week's news and info on December 26, 2008:

0. Happy New Year!
1. Holiday coupon good until 12/30
2. Passion closed for inventory 12/31/08 & 01/01/09
3. Soquel Forest Trailwork Sunday 12/28 9:30AM
4. Bicycling and mountain biking non-profit organizations
5. Soil types and where to ride in Winter, Part 2 on our blog
6. Carlmont Cleanup Saturday 01/10/09

Past issues of the Passion Trail Bikes Community Newsletter can be found on our website.

0. Happy New Year!!

Woo Hoo! We are hoping for a quick end to the gloomy economic news in 2009, and continued support of our customers' unique consumer confidence. Thank you so much for all you've done to keep our business healthy and wise this year! We are grateful we can still make payroll, pay our vendors, and keep the lights on. It's awe-some and amazing. And we couldn't have done it without you!

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1. Holiday coupon good until 12/30

Speaking of consumer confidence, if you can't use this coupon, please pass it on to a friend!

Printer friendly coupon is here: printer-coupon.gif

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2. Passion closed for inventory 12/31/08 & 01/01/09

The tax man makes us count all our stuff, so we can write the value on a line on that dreaded form. Please use the coupon above so we have less to count. Thanks!

Anyway, be advised that the doors will be closed on Wednesday 12/31/08 and we will only be tempted to open them upon vigorous banging on the glass accompanied by appropriate bribes or other displays of affection. Really, it's a frustrating job and you should try to avoid distracting us with your good cheer, lest our surly attitudes rub off on you. Our goal is to complete the task in one day, Hooooo weee.

On 1/1/09, if we've done our job and survived the hurled insults, we will be gone riding. Knocking and bribes will be of no use. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

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3. Soquel Forest Trailwork Sunday 12/28 9:30AM

Looking for a way to work off some of that Holiday feast? Why not come out to the Demo and help us move some dirt?

We are kicking off the Soquel Demonstration Forest trailwork season by cleaning up the Braille trail. We will be meeting at 9:30 at the parking lot across the steel bridge on Highland Way. For those of you who don't know, Highland Way is open again! Bring long pants, a snack for lunch, and any spare holiday cheer.

It looks like we got plenty of rain this week, so Sunday the 28th should be perfect for playing in the dirt. We will provide tools and explain how to use them. Sign up for trailwork at http://www.trailworkers.com. If you can't make it to this work day then click the link anyway, since we have the whole season scheduled. With the road opened up, we have big things planned for trail improvements this season! Feel free to email me at ownthetrail@gmail.com with any questions about trailwork or riding the Demo in general.

See you in the Forest,
Scott Robinson
Stewards of Soquel Forest

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4. Bicycling and mountain biking non-profit organizations

Tis the season. Time for giving a bit of yourself to make others smile and make the world a better place.

If you have a few bucks available in your budget this year for some charitable giving, consider making a donation or joining one of these fine organizations that work to bring bikes into the hearts, minds, and hands of riders, or that work to make sure the infrastructure and policies are there to make biking fun and safe on our roads, or that advocate for trail access for bikes, or work to make more and better trails.

If you don't have a few bucks to spare, why not make a pledge to donate some of your time to one of these causes? Write a letter, attend a meeting, do some trailwork, mentor a kid, or lead a ride.

Bicycling Advocacy:

Bikes Belong
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC)
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC)

Mountain Bike Access Advocacy:
International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)
Responsible Organized Mountain Pedalers (ROMP)
Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay (BTCEB)
Bicycle Trails Council of Marin (BTCM)
Access for Bikes (A4B)
Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC)
San Francisco Urban Riders (SFUR)

Bikes for Kids:

Trips for Kids
Norcal High School Mountain Bike Racing League
Turning Wheels for Kids

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS)
Stewards of Soquel Forest
Bay Area Ridge Trail Council
Rails to Trails Conservancy
Volunteers for Outdoor California (VOCal)
The Trail Center

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5. Soil types and where to ride in Winter, Part 2 on our blog

Part 2 of Patty's docent data dump has been posted.

Old San Pedro Road on Montara Mountain, connects with Mile Trail. Good all-weather riding spot

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6. Carlmont Cleanup Saturday 01/10/09

Travis "Mr. Sugar Shorts" Simbulan gets air at Carlmont

Recently at a City of Belmont meeting, Patty was approached by a high ranking city official who had heard from a neighbor about their concerns about the trash in the dirt jumping area behind Carlmont High School. This area is private property and not a Belmont Park, so the city is not responsible for maintaining it unless it poses a health and safety risk, and then the city would need to take a number of legal steps before entering the property.

We don't want the city to feel that they need to clean the place up. The landowners appear to be unconcerned about the jumps on this undeveloped parcel and we'd like it to stay that way. So riders who hang out in the forums at Ridemonkey and RideSFO are going to help organize a cleanup day. We are recruiting helpers so we can keep this area clean and tidy. Garbage will be hauled out, including some dumped furniture, and the area will be scoured for random bottles, broken glass or other trash.

So save the date and plan on helping out. The dirt jumps have been in use for over a decade and we think they should be considered an asset to the city, not a liability.

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To contact us, email us at info@passiontrailbikes.com, or call the shop at 650-620-9798.

Happy Trails, the PTB crew
Charles, Patty, Berry, John, Bret, Sterling, Daryl, Daniel, Peter, Reba and Buster

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