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Trail Work Season Start

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And so it begins. Another season of taking care of the finest trails known to man. Or at least men in the Santa Cruz mountains. And some women. I just posted the Soquel Demonstration State Forest trail maintenance calendar at Trailworkers.com, and now is the time to take a look at it, select a couple of dates, and sign up to join us in the forest for a little fresh air, exercise, and a most fulfilling day giving back to the land and the land manager.

Our first official work day is this Saturday, December 8, at Passion Trail Bikes in Belmont, where we plan to clean and prep our trail tools for the season. Pulaskis need to be sharpened, pick axes need some paint, and all the handles need be marked, or remarked so we know who owns what. Lets meet at Passion at 9:00, or later, but not much. We plan on working until noon or so, and then if weather permits, we'll throw a thing or two on the grill, and/or go out for a ride. Or a hike. Waterdog Park is just two miles away.

A month later, the dirty work begins. On January 12 we'll be working out in the Demo Forest, running our annual ritual of clearing out drains, knocking down outside edges, cutting back vegetation, and the rest of what it takes to keep the trails safe and passable all winter long. We will start working at 9:00, so try to get there around 8:30 to sign in, socialize, and grab a sharp tool. Please RSVP for any of the work days so we know how many tools to bring. Patty also gets up early to make sure we have enough caffeine, breads, and spreads to keep a crew motivated. Having too much would be sad, and too little would be tragic.

Find them all at http://www.Trailworkers.com

Charles Jalgunas
Stewards of Soquel Forest

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